Love & Acceptance Are Two Different Things


John 15:12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

Sometimes I think as Christians we get Love and Acceptance confused. As a matter of fact, I believe the Churches biggest issue today is looking at them as the world looks at them, as if they were one.

Before I jump into this, I want you to know something; nowhere in the Bible does it say we are not to judge. This more than any other verse has been altered and changed, but not by God, but by us. [Read more...]

Forgiveness For The Worst…


“As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” Psalm 103:12

Following the Holy Spirit is hard, especially when it comes to forgiveness, even of the simplest offenses, never mind the worst…

Why did the Lord say east from west, why not north to south? I asked this once of a pretty well known pastor, and he had the best answer. [Read more...]

Finally, My Why For Blog By The Sea…


“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

I guess that is it, I prayed, then I ignored, then I said FINE! Like a typical human being I have been ignoring someone who wants to use me for His glory….and that is God.

So, once again, with a smile on my face this time, I m turning this blog into what it should be, a weekly devotional blog.

Here I will just take the thoughts He gives me and write.

So, as simple as that, here it comes….

Like Sand, So Are We …


Sand, on a beach, in a desert or on a river bank, no matter where it is, with the human eye it all looks the same. But, up close, sand is just like us, unique and banged up.

Walking the beaches of Bandon Oregon, it seems as though all the sand must be a fine sea itself of same sized and similarly cut grains of rock, but it’s not.

As a matter of fact, like a snowflake that falls in winter, they are all different and, come with the scars of a turbulent world in the sea of life. [Read more...]

The Great Escape, From Yourself

The Tamolitch Pool

Photo By: Jaime Weatherford

Oprah sucks. Sorry, but it’s true. I do not understand this whole notion of “loving yourself.” See, I know who I am, and deep down, you know who you are. So why all the hype and craziness?

This is why, it makes money. That’s all folks, all the self healing, self love and self gratification these people teach is all about selling books, DVD’s and memberships, not too mention a false sense of what life is all about.

See, here is the real reason I am taking on the great escape of me and, getting back to focusing on  others. [Read more...]