Living In The Woods…My Dream

I do, I wish I could take my family and just go, just move into the woods.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Mountains, rivers, lakes and valley’s scattered everywhere. And, sometimes, when staring out into the green, you sometimes just want to start walking into it.

Here is my dream life…

Why I Love Baseball | There Is No Sport Like It

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I love baseball, and I think the Good Lord does too! See, here is a game that relies on both sides of the proverbial coin of “no I in team” and, “you can’t bat for me.”

I am a winter and fall guy, but, over the next few posts I will share with you my favorite things about spring and summer I love, like BASEBALL!

Here are my thoughts about this most wonderful sport and, it’s effect on my life…

Fear Has A Purpose

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rogue river

I believe fear has a purpose, a great and glorious purpose in fact.

Currently I am writing through a 31 day challenge, and today’s subject was fear.

And, like many people, I almost when down the success coaching trek with the thought of fear.

Are You Playing The Waiting Game…With Anything?

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Are you waiting to start a business? To ask that girl to marry you? Are you still waiting for that perfect moment before you do something?

Crazy. If I waited around for the perfect time, place or reason to do whatever it is, I would never have gotten anywhere.

Here is the mindset behind those who get stuff done and, those who watch them do it…

From Russia With Love…?

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from russia

Click The Image To Visit The Rest.

They are stunning to say the least. I love art, photography most of all. And, although I am not a photographer, I know great images when I see them, like these here.

Elena Shumilova, this mom will take you away and into a part of Russia I myself never truly knew existed.

I grew up before Reagan asked that the wall be torn down, and yet, after they were, I never thought about it again. Now I am.

What Is My Calling For This Site?

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So, I am sitting in the middle of the road here, and it is this, what is my calling for this website?

Not too long ago I was reading a post from Brian Gardner, Ten Words That Changed My Life. While it was short, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Here is my problem with this site; I love what I do online, I love helping people grow their marketing skills here. But, sometimes, I have more to say…

Getting Minimal In Life

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old oregon

Getting minimal. In the back of my mind I can see living in a cabin like this one, my wife, kids and all. Getting away from the craziness and living with real purpose.

What is that purpose? Actually, I don’t know, but I do know my purpose right where I am at though.

Here I wanted to share with you some of my personal thoughts about getting a little minimal in life, and how we live it.

Becoming A Dad…Again | Thoughts From A Father

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bullards beach

I am 42, husband to the most perfect woman in the world, father to one girl, 3 boys and, another boy on the way. I am going to be a dad…again.

My oldest is in the Army, the others are currently 3, 5, 9 and due in May. Talk about being busy in you 40′s!

But, I think as fathers today, well, we could use a little encouragement from each other. So, here are all my hopes and fears so that you know your not alone…

Growing Up With WEED | Yes, I Mean Marijuana

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You may not agree with me, but marijuana wrecks you, it wrecks families and, it can kill you. Here is my story growing up with WEED.

Until you understand that what you are doing is wrong, you will never know how stupid smoking pot is. And, until you make those who love you sad and brokenhearted, you won’t care.

But, in the end, these are the real effects of this drug. Growing up as you will see was neither fun or, “relaxed” man…it was horrible.