Getting Minimal In Life

old oregon

Getting minimal. In the back of my mind I can see living in a cabin like this one, my wife, kids and all. Getting away from the craziness and living with real purpose.

What is that purpose? Actually, I don’t know, but I do know my purpose right where I am at though.

Here I wanted to share with you some of my personal thoughts about getting a little minimal in life, and how we live it.

Back To The Basics

While the allure of living in the wild sounds great, especially with the way the world is today, I just don’t think my wife would want to. (I Smile).

But, this does not mean that I cannot practice a little “minimalism” in my current life and surroundings.

I am a business owner online, and a successful one to boot, but it is difficult some days keeping up with search engines, social platforms and, of course, people.

And, every time I step out of my home office, “hello daddy and husband!” It seems the world is a busy place, so why do I continually complicate it?

I am human. Guilty as charged. As someone who teaches others the “simplicity” of building success online, I find that sometimes I cock up the works with my own.

If I had a choice, I mean I had only 3 things that I could live with, it would be my family, my bible and my sense of humor.

I can eat squirrel and live though a winter outdoors.

But here is something I think I am beginning to see, these 3 things I have, I just sometimes worry about the other 97 things more.

So, this is where it changes, I am going to focus on a little more “less” and little less on the “more.”

I am going to try living without a few things that truly, and I mean this, have become more troublesome than they are fruitful in my life.

One at a time I will take them away as choices, because choices they are.

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  1. says

    My friend, what I remember most about Oregon is the tall trees the vastness of the landscape and most of all the the minimal me in comparison. The picture of Old Oregon says it all. By the way that’s you chopping wood while I’m reading the bible and the horse is saddled and ready to go… Yep two Partners.
    David you are the best. Ever teaching, ever giving, forever reaching. Be encouraged!

  2. says

    No worries. I have led a minimalistic lifestyle for many of my adult years. It was a lot easier when I was single to not have “stuff.” Now that I am married we tend to have things like books, music, more clothes etc. I am just trying to find a balance with my “stuff: now and share as much as possible with others who might need it

  3. says

    Your awesome David! I just discovered what it means to live minimally. I used to buy over-priced everything, from clothes to food, it didn’t matter, Now I am buying from thrift stores, clipping coupons and anything that involves saving money. Sometimes we have to forget about the economy and remember who we are and where we come from. The photo on this blog completely displays where we are from and I think society has forgotten what living minimally is. Our rulers have made everything easily accessible and in turn society expects everything to be easy. We should stop abiding by the laws of “east living” and come out of our comfort zone. Only then will society realize what they should truly value.

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