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I love baseball, and I think the Good Lord does too! See, here is a game that relies on both sides of the proverbial coin of “no I in team” and, “you can’t bat for me.”

I am a winter and fall guy, but, over the next few posts I will share with you my favorite things about spring and summer I love, like BASEBALL!

Here are my thoughts about this most wonderful sport and, it’s effect on my life…

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Below I have some reading you may think over grabbing for the spring and summer, and I really do truly and highly recommend them.

Baseball was a relief when I was young. Growing up was rough, you may have already learned that here. But, there were some good times and baseball was one of them.

My step father played pro ball, my father loved sports in general, and my family expected all of us to at least try one sport once.

Come to find out, I fell in love with baseball for a couple reasons, other than getting me out of the house twice a week.

I am a Red Sox fan, probably the only one on the West Coast, at least that is how it feels. But remember, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jed Lowrie and even the late great Johnny Pesky played for this team.

So maybe I am not that alone after all.

Baseball started out as anything else, a good idea about having fun and building community. It took no political fronts and beliefs to do it, it was just a game, a great game.

The smell of roasted peanuts, the taste of a good soft drink or beer, and the crack of the bat…it’s spring!

Baseball requires team effort, but at the same time, it takes something that people are trying to avoid today, individualism. Nobody can bat for me, and they can’t field my position and theirs at the same time, and they shouldn’t be expected too.

See, I understand working as a team, building community and being back up to a bad move, but remember, each individual is responsible for their position in life…as well as on the field of dreams.

I love the fact that baseball, well, it can teach us a lot about life and how to live it properly…

So, on with why else I love this great game.

old school

The smell of the cut grass is powerful. Running out to my position at the change of bats I have always loved… Sometimes, before games, I would get there early just to sit on the other side of the pitchers mound, just to take it all in…

Here I was not afraid of being judged for what I did, because if I failed, I failed. That’s it. What follows after that is what mattered most, and that was practice makes perfect!

I did not mind being booed sometimes, hey, they loved the game that much too! I loved being cheered on and, yes, even a shot in the local paper here and there did wonders for a young ego.

But, keep it in check, the ego that is…because you are truly only as good as those around you make of you. How is this? Well, even if the guy next to me had a great glove, he might have issues getting to the ball fast enough.

This is where I had to better myself to help him out, and, vice-versa.

A slow break to the ball can be the difference of a win or loss, so you needed to know where to pick up the weaknesses around you…and to be of help to them and the team as a whole.

Breaking to a ball was never my issue, neither was my glove or swing…mine was always running bases fast enough. I was great at short burst to a ball, but from home to first…argh.

Oh well, I ended up writing about my favorite sport instead.

Spring is coming, and so is this great game. I want you to take a look at these two books:

Summer of ’49 and, Teammates | Portrait of a Friendship

Do yourself a favor too, don’t get the download version, get the paperback. Feel the paper between your fingers as you read some history about real people, real heroes making a difference after a war.

Baseball was created and carried on by some of the greatest generations of people to ever live on this planet…and it was God’s gift to those who came back from saving the world from those who wish to rule us.

Take some time today to take a second look at this game…I am sure you will see what I see, fun, simplicity, grace and love in their purest forms…


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