What Is My Calling For This Site?

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So, I am sitting in the middle of the road here, and it is this, what is my calling for this website?

Not too long ago I was reading a post from Brian Gardner, Ten Words That Changed My Life. While it was short, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Here is my problem with this site; I love what I do online, I love helping people grow their marketing skills here. But, sometimes, I have more to say…

What Is Your Calling?

Brian’s ten words did change at least my thought about who I am, and what I really wanted to share with the world, and that is…ME.

I have become comfortable in writing about entrepreneurialism, internet marketing and any other piece of content to help people and, help myself building traffic and a subscriber base, just like any solid internet marketer and SEO specialist does.

But, that is not all that I am, I am more. And, I want to venture outside my comfort zone for a change.

But here is the deal, I love music, art, sports, reading, writing, the outdoors, business, marketing, my faith, my family, science, apologetics, politics and like John Candy, trains, planes and automobiles!

See it yet? see my problem? I want to write about everything!

But, who says I can’t? Who says I can’t bring you to tears, piss you off or make you love me because of my thoughts on a particular subject? WHO SAY’S I HAVE TO HAVE PURPOSE FOR THIS SITE?!

I don’t. I can just write about, well, whatever.

In a conversation one day, this site and, my personal marketing site were discussed. I think Brian was right, this site seemed a little to esoteric by name to be about helping you build a blogging career.

However, I did want to leave DavidBoozer.Com alone after thinking longer on it, I spent a lot of time building that brand, that trusted persona people could really trust for their marketing needs.

But, I still wanted to venture out, out into the world of figuring out, “what is my calling?”

Well, I think I found it.

I am who the good Lord has made me. Funny, somewhat bright, caring, but not to the point of giving you a fish, I care enough to teach you how to fish.

I am conservative in thought and practice, but only where it makes sense. Like my dad say’s, if you are young and not liberal, you have no heart, and if you are old and not conservative, you have no brain.

However, I do not think that all applies to those who sit and look at trees for long periods of time, and then wondering if it is staring back. ( I laugh ).

I don’t think that applies to me. See, Jesus was not a conservative or, a liberal, He was God, and he made me who I am, someone who just wants to share his life, faith and the knowledge I have gained in this wonderful thing called life.

So, I guess that is it, from now on, once the idea or thought hits, I am writing it, period…I guess that is my calling for this site.

  • Brian Gardner (@bgardner)
    January 16, 2014

    You are definitely not alone, my friend. I have the battles you mentioned in my head every day, and sometimes on the hour. There are times I wish I could hit the reset button on my internet life and just start completely anew.

    Great post, great authenticity. :-)

    • David Boozer
      January 16, 2014

      Me too! I love my business life here, but I have deeper thoughts, visions and a whole lot to say that I think can help many…..I guess it is time to start, and here it will…

      Thank you Brian, sincerely, for everything. Your writing, thoughts and even help have been a true blessing…=)

  • Kim
    January 16, 2014

    Great article, David. I am having the same struggle, although I am still working on getting my site set up and going through the training.

    I feel strongly that I need to write about my faith, but at the same time, I do not feel that I should “put a price on the gospel.” It is certainly not my intention to use my faith to gain traffic or prosper. But at the same time, I do want to have a business and make money.

    How do I reconcile the two?

    • David Boozer
      January 16, 2014

      Easy. Just be you. Find your voice, find the message behind it and share. If it comes from a book you bought, share the link. If it comes from a systematic approach of teaching people something, get paid for your time. making money is not the issue, that is a byproduct here of your authentic and transparent voice.

      • Kim
        January 16, 2014

        Thanks, David. This takes a load off of my mind, I was torn and not sure which direction to go. Focus on people!

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